Friday, November 13, 2009

Converged Inrastructure and changing market trends.

Well after Cisco revealed the partnership with VMware and EMC, competitors like HP, IBM, SUN and Dell have to do something to stay ahead in market. We all can very well see that a new market is emerging – market of converged infrastructure which is about selling everything that is required in one box. One stop shop is becoming the trend of the day. With the upcoming market of Virtualized and consolidated data centers, cloud computing the demand for such kind of converged infrastructure is growing and companies are getting ready. Cisco- EMC- VMware announced their new partnership under umbrella of a new venture company Alpine. It’s very clear that HP has its blade matrix solution to counter them but Hp pro curve networking business will get a big push with acquisition deal of 3com as it will fill gaping hole—core switching in the data center network—which HP really needed to fill. This will also help customers who were looking for an alternative to Cisco. Cisco presently owning about 52 percent of the networking market, with HP at 11 percent and 3Com at 9 percent. This acquisition deal will create HP a 20% market share holder and a significant challenger to Cisco. Also 3com’s big presence in china market will be a boon for HP. HP, which has bought more than 30 companies since Chief Executive Mark Hurd arrived in 2005, is a major player in personal computers, servers, IT services [also acquired EDS ] and printers has become one-stop shop for all the servers, storage arrays, switches and software any data center needs.


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