Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's New in DPM 2012

Today was the final day of Tech ED and it was nice to sit along with guys from DPM product group and thanks to Praveen and Prabhu for sharing details on DPM 2012 features. Earlier in the day it was interesting to discuss SCVMM 2012 and Exchange online solutions with Microsoft consultants present at event. Coming Back to DPM, I am going to keep it short and precise about the features in DPM 2012 but as I have worked on almost all versions of DPM since their first 2006 release, I felt good about the way new centralized reporting works in DPM and also the fact that very soon you will be able to deploy DPM agents from SCCM server. You will also be able to refer to AD for assigning which DPM server.

 The new centralized feature of DPM allows you to manage upto 100 DPM servers from one console while allowing role based administration and centralized reporting from same console. The most cool feature is that you will be able to integrate your DPM server with SCOM 2007R2 and have a scoped view of the issue in DPM console i.e. see only the content in scoped DPM view which is relevant for the alert coming in SCOM [No clutter]. Another interesting features are “Push to resume backups”, integration with service manager and remote console to DPM servers from centralized console. DPM 2012 supports certificates and will introduce block level de duplication. It also now enables Hyper-V item level recovery when DPM is running inside a VM [see the trick for DPM 2010] and uses XML to support applications that do not have a VSS writer and yes you will be able to manage both DPM 2010 and 2012 servers from same centralized console. Last but not the least, I understand DPM 2012 will also support CSV 2.0 i.e. what comes in server V. Next right from beginning.

Yes these features sounds very good and we all are looking forward to DPM 2012. Read more at Mike Resller Blog as it covers a few more features and I hope this was reading pleasure.



  1. Thanks for the article. The centralized console has been something I've been waiting for in DPM 2012 :)

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  3. Where did you see that DPM 2012 will support data de-duplication? That'd be a great feature and would allow really long retention times on disk due to the space it'd free up.

    Can't wait for DPM 2010!

  4. How can I view this link:

    "It also now enables Hyper-V item level recovery when DPM is running inside a VM [see the trick for DPM 2010]" ?

    It redirects to a which requires a login. I'd like to read the article, thanks.

  5. I have read that data deduplication is NOT going to be part of DPM 2012. If you are wrong, this is a HUGE oversight in your article.

  6. DPM 2012 does NOT support de-duplication. The article is incorrect on that point: