Thursday, March 17, 2011

HP 3PAR Geocluster solution for Microsoft Failover Clustering

Somebody asked me month back about HP 3par storage which was acquired by HP last year and there was some competition for this acquisition and question was particularly about the features of 3par storage and advantages around this. Though I am not a storage expert though I am very much impressed by the features of the 3par storage. I thought writing on features of 3par and its advantage in today’s cloud scenario is very relevant. 3par features broadly can be read here

Its architecture and implementation is very different that existing storage technologies. Each physical disk is broken in 256-MB chunklets, each of which can be independently assigned and dynamically reassigned to virtual volumes of different Quality of Service (QoS) levels taking storage from different tiers [golden, silver, bronze]. Host only sees volume at its end irrespective of how that volume has been carved dynamically out of different storage tiers [which could be SSD, FC, SATA]. You can anytime change the storage tiers of your Volume dynamically as per your performance needs. On top of that HP 3par thin technology lets you use thin conversion and persistence technology and not only thin provisioning. You can convert your legacy capacity from full provisioned storage to thin provisioned storage and when data is deleted from the host, volumes are shrinked on the storage [so your storage starts thin and remains thin over the time]. Virtual domain feature enables in delivering secure, segregated access to different user groups which is very essential for a multi tenant cloud infrastructure. It enables Non-disruptive distribution and redistribution of application volumes across storage tiers to align application requirements with data QoS levels on demand and automatically analyzes how volumes use physical disks and makes intelligent, non-disruptive adjustments to ensure optimal volume performance and capacity utilization.

You can also leverage HP 3par Geocluster software for Microsoft windows failover cluster and disaster recovery by automating storage failover between primary and backup sites. In addition, GeoCluster Software support for Microsoft Hyper-V Live Migration increases flexibility through enabling non-disruptive migration of virtual servers. Read more about it here and I hope you will find 3par very attractive option for your cloud designs.


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