Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cloud based Fix it center for automated troubleshooting

Microsoft has just released Fix it center online beta and it is based on the automated troubleshooter feature which we saw inbuilt in windows 7. However as this is more of cloud based fix it center, it supports various operating system versions given below. Though it is a great way of managing all your PC from one location with an automated repair functionality of known issues, however if right now there is no troubleshooter for your problem, you will be provided various other related articles and community groups too. you also have an option of raising a support request from the same online portal if nothing mentioned above helped you. I think this tool is very good for individual customers and small business customers.

• Windows XP SP3

• Windows XP Pro (64-bit) SP2

• Windows Vista

• Windows 7

• Windows Server 2003 SP2

• Windows Server 2008

• Windows Server 2008 R2

You can use any computer with Internet connection to get started with Fix it Center. Simply download the Fix it Center client and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. You can install Fix it Center client on as many PCs you like. It is recommend to sign up for Fix it Center Online during setup so you can manage all your computers from a single location on the Internet yet can view solutions specific for each PC. With automated troubleshooters, Fix it Center helps solve issues with your PC, even if you're not sure what the exact problem is. Fix It Center scans your device to diagnose and repair problems, then gives you the option to "Find and fix" or to "Find and report. With a single view of all your devices, it’s easy to manage multiple devices from one view. You can even manage them remotely.

I downloaded the fix it agent and ran on my PC and as you see below its running an
inventory for my PC

It asks me to create an online account and i can use my existing live/hotmail id.

I see some automated troubleshooters on the screen and the remaining are on the bottom right corner where it says " having a different problem"
I can manage multiple PC's from same console and also see the diagnostic history on all PC's. I can find more solutions from the Tab and if i need to raise a support request to microsoft, i can do it from here and can also see the old support requests.
Though i see this tool as a great way of automating troubleshooting and managing small environments, I dont think i will ever run this on my servers as of now. Hope you like this new tool as it automates troubleshooting and make life easier for an end individual user or a small business user.

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