Friday, April 16, 2010

Are we molding new Technology to suit ourselves or getting molded by new Technology

The phone that you see on the right side is my favorite phone and I have purchased 3 of those in last 6 years and still using same phone very happily. Once I switched to the new age smart phones but just in a month I gifted it to my mother as I figured out that usage of that new age smart phone is actually becoming a disadvantage for me. How can a cool phone will all great nice features and different apps can be a disadvantage?..ok every one is a different personality and I figured out in one month that instead of saving time this phone is making me spending lot of time in clicking waste snaps [which I would not have clicked otherwise from my semi DSLR camera], listening much more music then I usually used to do, wasting money and time in downloading apps, songs, graphics, games. I configured outlook on my mobile to be bogged down by emails even after my office hours, the thick line between my office and home time started shrinking. The apps like facebook, twitter and msn started keeping me engaged as they were accessible to me 24 hours in my hand. Nothing wrong in using social networking applications, clicking snaps, playing games, listening songs and I use all this today too but I have a dedicated nice laptop with nice gaming hardware, a nice camera to pursue my photography hobby, good surround sound speaker/home theatre for entertainment …the difference is that this allows me to have a control of my time and mind and I still can do all what I want to do without compromising on any of my experiences. Personally with that old phone I need not to care about it being stolen [ I have forgotten this phone maytimes and people have returned me or it was found where it was left ] and nor I worry about its wear and tear…in other words it an economical phone which does all that a phone should do…and on top of it …it helps me in time management and more control over my time without any time maanagement software in it. However this does not mean that you should not use those high end phones but you should know whether you really need them and utilizing them or are they just with you for your coolness quotient. It is fine if those phones are serving you and not you serving them.

Now why I wrote all this!!....
Many times I have seen people seeking advice on shall we upgrade to latest version?...shall we purchase latest hardware?....shall we switch to this new technology which is buzzing in market?……Virtualization! …. Are we molding new Technology to suit ourselves or getting molded by new Technology. Do not switch over to new technology just because it worked for others in their enironment…make sure it works for you, do your own prrof of concept, bench marking and base line testings before you make any decision just based on sales presentations. There is no one technology solution that works for any IT Enterprise and that’s where identifying your buiness needs and aligning them with your existing processes and architecture come in picture. Hope you liked this analogy and it made you think for a minute and once again thanks for staying with our blog.

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